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At JBE Plastics Services & Property Maintenance, we can provide you with a long-lasting roofline installation that meets your needs.
Browse through our wide selection of roofline products including uPVC coloured windows, uPVC reversible windows, uPVC fascias and cladding, and more. We can help you every step of the way, from start through to the completion of the project. Our team of experts will ensure your project runs smoothly. All our work is guaranteed and we have many happy customers.

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Stable Doors

Liniar Stable Doors

Our superb range of multi-functional uPVC Stable Doors offer versatility, style and security.
VERSATILITY : The top sash is available with a tilt and turn option providing maximum flexibility in terms of use as well as additional ventilation.
THERMAL INSULATION: Liniar’s revolutionary multi-chambered uPVC profile offers superior thermal efficiency in comparison to traditional uPVC products.


The Liniar uPVC profile used to manufacture our Stable Doors is 100% lead free and 100% recyclable.
HIGH SECURITY LOCKS: Our Stable Doors are supplied with maximum security locking systems as standard.


Drip bars which prevent water ingress are factory fitted and supplied as standard.


Made from two individual sashes securely coupled together, the door can operate as a normal residential door, with the two openings functioning in tandem. A simple turn of a handle disengages the coupling, allowing the top sash to operate independently of the bottom one. Upgrading the top sash to include the additional tilt facility provides ultimate flexibility in door operation.


Our products are available in a variety of obscure glass options, enhancing the privacy of a property. Take a look at the range of glazing styles available.


Our doors are available with a range of hardware choices. Working with partners such as Yale and Mila, we can provide the perfect combination of hardware to complement any door.

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